About EverSense®

EverSense® systems are used by infrastructure managers, consultants and contractors for monitoring one or several assets. EverSense® systems integrate any type of measurement and perform data processing to provide relevant health indicators and dashboards for stakeholders.

Our systems have been deployed worldwide for specific engagements, as well as short and long term monitoring of structures such as bridges, civil infrastructures, offshore platforms, wind farms and nuclear power plants.

An EverSense® system can scale from a standalone sensor to the integration of hundreds of sensors. They can be operated locally or communicate remotely in real time. Thanks to a versatile architecture and web portal, remote access and management of the system is possible for any user.

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EverSense® System Main Features

SIXENSE Systems has a unique expertise and is a recognized world leader in the monitoring of cables and post-tensioned structures.

Robust & proven technologies

We propose turnkey systems worldwide as well as their linked annual guarantee and maintenance contracts.

From day one, a main focus has been the durability of our systems.

Over the years we developed the tools and know-how to answer these challenges.

A very good understanding of aging phenomenon

Based on years of experience, our team can propose customized solutions that fit your needs and specific scenarios. Recent solutions include:

  • Corrosion monitoring in post-tensioned & reinforced concrete structures
  • Crack & micro-crack monitoring
  • Stay cable fatigue monitoring
  • Early scour monitoring
  • Monitoring of overhead sign structure failure

A permanent focus on quality

SIXENSE Systems is ISO 9001 certified, and applies this commitment to our design, manufacturing, software development, installation and maintenance processes. This allows our team to work on nuclear, oil and gas work sites.

Safety is a top priority for SIXENSE Systems; our OHSAS 18001 certification reinforces this commitment.

We have equipment to test our sensors, digitizers and acquisition units before shipment (temperature, vibration, humidity, lightning protection...) to ensure the durability of our systems.

EverSense® Software

Our team includes civil, sensor, electronic & software specialists. This wide range of skills allows us to quickly understand our clients’ needs and propose a suitable solution with friendly user interface customized to each situation.

EverSense® Monitor is the real time monitoring software running in Digitizers & Data Acquisition Units.

It manages:

  • Data acquisition
    • Data sampling
    • Data scaling
    • Time stamping / synchronization
    • Data filtering
    • Calculated channels
    • Recording of
      • Statistical data / History files
      • Triggered or periodic Event files
  • Data local storage and transmission
    • Periodic data transmission to EverSense® Server / secured ftp protocol
    • Email alerts
  • On demand user defined functions such as
    • Automatic earthquake or wind detection, and modification of acquisition strategy during event
    • Advanced calculations
    • Customised screen views
    • ...
  • Very reliable acquisition system with uptime commonly greater than 99%
  • Customized to your needs and your structures
  • Manages physical, calculated channels and status channels
  • Manages static data, dynamic data and statistical data
  • Very robust acquisition strategy. No loss of data.
  • Manages hundreds of sensors up to 1000kHz per channel

Data and indicators generated by the EverSense® systems can be transferred automatically or manually to a main server, where it becomes available to authorized stakeholders through a secured web portal.

The web portal is also used to manage alerts and remotely configure systems.

This EverSense® SHM web portal is a module of our ScanPrint® Infrastructure Management Software. Other modules can be added to manage, in a all-in-one system, all the assets and their current conditions. Maintenance and repair activities can be then scheduled, tracked and better managed.

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  • Manages all monitoring system from one secured web interface
  • Accessible to any authorized user
  • System Overview & Condition
  • Real time data
  • History data
  • Events data
  • Management of structural & system alarms
  • Management of maintenance activities
  • Setup of acquisition parameters & alarm thresholds

Sensors that fit your needs

SIXENSE Systems can propose a full range of sensors adapted to all needs (environmental measurement, structural, hydraulic, water quality, ...), with a special emphasis on

Post-tensioned and cable structures Corrosion critical structures Scour critical structuresFatigue critical structures

As needed, we use and integrate different sensor technologies : video, electric, electromagnetic, optical, vibrating wire, acoustic, ultrasound, radar and laser.

Robust, Scalable and Easy to Deploy Acquisition Systems

SIXENSE Systems can propose a range of wireless, battery powered digitizers (with complementary solar panels if needed).
These digitizers can communicate remotely by radio or GSM. They are a quick and cost effective solution for on site deployment.

SIXENSE Systems can also propose traditional wired acquisition systems that can accommodate hundreds of different sensor types, and ensure uptime greater than 99% over very long time periods.

Our Services

We are devoted to serve our clients.


  • Training in basic design and specifications of monitoring systems
  • Training in daily use and maintenance of a monitoring system
  • Training in data management and infrastructure management


  • Supply and installation of equipment and software with associated documentation
  • Turnkey installation and commissioning, or on-site technical assistance with technology transfer. Our team members are able to work in harsh environments, such as working at a height, confined space, industrial or nuclear environment, ...

Services during operation

  • Guarantee extensions and yearly maintenance contracts
  • Remote system checks
  • Data reporting and preparation for engineering firms
  • Analysis of acoustic or ultrasonic measurements

Equipment rental

  • Sensors: crack meters, tilt meters, temperature ...
  • Standalone 3G/GPRS dataloggers
  • Wireless, battery powered digitizers and standalone dataloggers
  • Mobile data acquisition units

Solutions for monitoring of ageing phenomenon

Based on years of experience, our team can propose customized solutions that fit your needs and specific scenarios.

Wire Breaks in high-strength 7 wires strand

Acoustic Monitoring

Acoustic Monitoring is the only available technology that can detect corrosion or fatigue wire breaks in any part of high-strength cables or strands. Loss of cross section as small as one single wire break can be detected and located.

Installation of distributed fiber optic sensor on a post tensioned bridge

Fiber Optic Sensors

SIXENSE Systems recommends fiber optic sensors for long term monitoring in harsh environment or for detection on invisible defects in concrete structures, such as micro cracking induced by local loss of prestressing.

Monitoring of fatigue in a stay cable anchorage

Fatigue Monitoring

Monitoring of fatigue in steel elements enables checking fatigue safety factor and estimating remaining time before the element reaches its fatigue lifetime. Maintenance can be scheduled at the rigth time without risk.

Bridge collapse during flood in Asia

Scour Monitoring

60% of bridges collapse are caused by flood & scour. Early scour monitoring is the solution for keeping structures safe.Our unique methode allows early detection of scour signs, without using heavy underwater inspection means.