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Advitam becomes SIXENSE Systems!

We are pleased to announce an important change in our organization and company.

Not only is our company name changing but we will from now onwards be part of the SIXENSE dynamic following its launch back in September.

SIXENSE is a group of world-class excellence in digital services and solutions specializing in infrastructure, soil and the environment in order to understand, analyse, anticipate and optimize our clients' investments.

SIXENSE brings together 10 companies some having over 20 years' experience and three poles of expertise- engineering, technologies and digital, and our principal mission is to provide support to designers, builders, operators and infrastructure owners in order to successfully overcome three challenges facing them:

  • Construction project management
  • Asset management
  • Risk management

SIXENSE group operates in 20 countries and has strong support from its 600 employees.

EverSense® Structural Health Monitoring System on the world's widest suspension Bridge

Third Bosphorus Bridge

Hyundai has awarded Advitam with the supply and installation of a Structural Health Monitoring system on the 3rd Bosphorus Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. It will include a permanent system as well as different measurement missions at the end of construction.

This unique 3rd bridge over the Bosphorus Straight is a 59m wide and 1.4km long suspension bridge with cable stays, accommodating 2 lanes of railway and 8 lanes of motorway traffic. With its 322m high pylons, it is also the highest in the world.

EverSense® systems integrate any type of measurement and perform data processing to provide relevant health indicators to the structure’s management and engineers during the bridge’s life.

The permanent monitoring system will currently include 122 sensors such as accelerometers, DGPS sensors, inclinometers, weather station, temperatures probe, and displacement sensors. The sensors will be installed on the main structural elements such as main suspension cable, stay cables, bearings, expansion joints, deck and pylons.

The measurement missions include tension measurements (by taut string principle) in the hangers and stay cables during three final stages of the construction, and a vibration analysis (modal analysis) of the deck and pylon at the end of the construction.

The final commissioning of the system is foreseen in the autumn of 2016.

Monitoring of the longest cable stayed bridge in Africa

Pont du Bouregreg

The cable stayed bridge on Oued Bouregreg in Rabat will be completed in June, as indicated in a press release by Morocco's highways department (ADM). This will be the largest bridge on the African continent and will be subject to violent winds. The structural monitoring of this work has been awarded to Advitam.

The EverSense® system monitors strengths in the cable stays, oscillations and expansion of the deck, and wind forces in three dimensions, all at a high acquisition frequency. It generates alerts for the structural engineers of ADM to ensure the safety of the structure and its users.


EverSense Acoustics continues to detect wire breaks on a beam bridge in France


Advitam agreed with Vinci Autoroutes to continue the acoustic monitoring on a beam bridge in the south of France. The goal of the acoustic monitoring system is to detect wire failures in the pre-stressing cables embedded in the concrete. The system is able to detect the sound of a wire break on the moment it breaks. This sound travels along the structures and is detected by the sensors. Our experienced data processing engineers identify the sound as a wire break and determine the location within the structure.

The Initial acoustic monitoring system, installed in 2009, will be upgraded with the EverSense® Acoustics system. Advitam will, for a period of 5 years, operate and maintain the system. Each trimester a report will be provided with the wire break activity (if any) and the system’s uptime. The event history and system status can also be accessed through a protected website.

Close Watch of Parc des Princes Stadium

Parc Des Princes Stadium

The Parc des Princes, a stadium hosting the famous Paris St Germain team, is actively being monitored by an EverSense structural health monitoring system. The system was installed 6 months ago and monitors the stadium’s roof both during and in between sport and cultural events.

The system is comprised of total stations as well as strain, crack, temperature and acoustic sensors. The temperature, strain and crack sensors are connected to wireless communicating digitizers powered by solar panels. This innovative solution has been selected to avoid a potentially complex installation of monitoring wires in the stadium roof, and has demonstrated its reliability by showing a very impressive uptime greater than 99%.

The acoustic sensors are used to provide real time monitoring of the condition of the internal post tensioning that is embedded in the roof structure. Wire breaks occurring in the cables will be detected, recorded and located. Finally, the total stations monitor the absolute position of the roof’s beams.

Data from all sensors is transmitted remotely to an EverSense View web server, where it is available in real time to the Paris council team in charge of maintenance and to Concrete Engineering who is in charge of data analysis.

Automatic alerts are sent by SMS or email in case of abnormal structure ageing. PSG team members can relax and focus on training!

Monitoring of windmills with EverSense® Wireless

Salle Curan wind farm

Advitam has supplied an EverSense monitoring and alert system to Freyssinet that was used during repair works at the Lévezou windmill farm. The works have been done for EDF Energie Nouvelle under supervision of Egis.

The continuous recording of structural parameters was ensured by EverSense battery powered radio dataloggers. The radio technology avoids wires on the worksite and is well adapted to use in construction areas. The alert supervision system triggers a flashing light and warns the Freyssinet team in case a threshold is reached.

Monitor influences of construction to adjacent structures. Guerlédan Dam EDF

Guerlédan Dam

Can you monitor the impact of works to adjacent structures? This summer, the large diameter pipes of Guerledan dam will be maintained. Freyssinet is in charge of the works and has asked Advitam to supply a system to monitor displacements of buildings next to the work area.

Advitam thereby supplied displacement sensors and a radio monitoring system. The Freyssinet team can now easily download data by radio to their laptop and provide EDF and its consultant clear reports (with quantitative data) showing their good performance of work.

Connected monitoring and Alerts: Always stay informed about your structures state

EverSense Standalone Datalogger

To give an answer to economic and technical needs of project managers and contractors, Advitam proposes its connected, autonomous and easy to use sensor range with its web platform.

EverSense® data loggers have a wide range of applications for your structures. Whether for long term behavioural studies or loading tests, during construction or rehabilitation of your structures, or for emergency diagnosis cases, the data logger issues reliable and accurate measurements.

With great simplicity of installation and use, EverSense® data loggers collect and process all types of measurements to provide relevant indicators to stakeholders. Its GSM technology keeps you constantly informed on the state of your structures by SMS or by consulting the data directly on the web platform.

EverSense® View to optimize the exploitation of the Chatillon-sur-Loire Bridge

Chatillon sur Loire bridge

"Measure and better manage", these are the vocations of data visualization tool EverSense® View. It permits real-time tracking of the structural health and the history from a simple internet browser.

The data is directly usable and the tool does not require any configuration. The data can be downloaded for expert analysis and it is possible to print preconfigured measurement reports.

On the Châtillon-sur-Loire Bridge, managers are notified by SMS of the situation so they can act and decide on necessary actions. Thus the Loiret department maximize the operation of its bridge.

The monitoring of a repair yard for the Hammersmith Flyover

Wireless Monitoring on Hammersmith flyover

During the Hammersmith Flyover reinforcement work in London, Advitam deployed a set of 384 sensors for stress monitor, divided into three independent systems.

The sensor network along with a wireless acquisition system was deployed by the teams of Freyssinet repair yard. It allows the Costain Company to view live data and be alerted in case of exceeding the defined risk thresholds.

Advitam provides a range of services including hardware, installation, operation, support and training of the subcontractor in charge of the bridge reinforcement.


Commissioning of acoustic monitoring system on Tsing Ma suspension bridge in Hong Kong

Tsing Ma Bridge

Advitam has recently completed the installation of an acoustic monitoring system on Tsing Ma suspension bridge in Hong Kong.

Acoustic sensors are installed on the hanger clamps on the back span and are used to observe the acoustic activities within the main cable in order to obtain information on the condition of the wires.

The sensors are cabled to a centralised data acquisition unit installed in one of the pylons of the bridge, and monitoring continuously 24/7. The recorded data is accessible to all authorised stakeholders from Advitam’s EverSense View web portal.

The contract includes maintenance of the system for 5 years.